Hair and make up

Welcome to the Hair and Make-up page for Photo Perfect Paris!

As a black owned business, we are dedicated to collaborating with dependable and skilled artists who possess extensive expertise in working with diverse skin tones. Our commitment lies in ensuring that our clients receive exceptional hair and makeup services tailored to their individual needs, delivered by artists who are well-versed in catering to a range of skin tones.


Where and When Should I Meet the Makeup Artist for My Photoshoot?

When it comes to meeting the makeup artist for your photoshoot, timing is key. The makeup artist will arrive at your chosen location 1.5 hours prior to your scheduled shoot time. It's essential that you are dressed and prepared before the makeup artist's arrival and ready to proceed promptly once the makeup session is complete. This ensures that you can arrive on time at the designated meeting point for your shoot, allowing for a smooth and efficient transition from makeup preparation to the commencement of your photoshoot.

What is the difference between a daytime and a sophisticated makeup look?

The primary distinctions lie in the time, complexity, and color choices. A daytime look aims for the "No makeup, makeup" look. To exude natural, clean enhancements that accentuate your innate beauty and takes approximately 30 minutes to achieve. Conversely, a sophisticated makeup look is more suitable for an evening out. It involves the use of more eyeshadow colors, added drama, and a less natural approach, requiring around 45 minutes to complete.

Can I see the makeup artist's portfolio before the shoot?

Certainly! We understand the importance of working with experienced makeup artists who are adept at catering to a range of complexions. We collaborate with multiple makeup artists and the specific artist for your shoot depends on availability, we prioritize partnering with professionals who demonstrate expertise in diverse makeup applications. You can see samples of past shoots below.

Preparing Your Hair for the Hairstylist Before a Photoshoot

To prepare for the hairstylist's visit before your photoshoot, it's essential to ensure that your hair is washed and thoroughly DRY prior to their arrival. The hairstylist typically arrives at your location 1.5 hours before the scheduled shoot time. It's important to be dressed and fully prepared before their arrival and to be ready to proceed promptly once they have completed their work, ensuring that you can arrive punctually at the designated meeting point for your shoot. Remember this is ONLY for hair styling!

How Can I Add an Additional Person for Makeup or Hair Styling?

If you wish to include an extra individual for the makeup or hair styling session, it's crucial to respect the schedules of all the artists involved in your shoot. They are prepared based on the original booking and may have other commitments. If you require additional services, we kindly request you to promptly contact us to make the necessary schedule adjustments and inform our partners accordingly. This ensures a smooth and well-coordinated experience for everyone involved in the photoshoot.

What Information is Required Before the Shoot?

Once your booking is confirmed with your selected hair or makeup add-on service, we will provide you with a Hair and Makeup questionnaire. This questionnaire is designed to gather essential details, including a photo of yourself and inspirational images depicting your desired makeup style. This information will be shared with your makeup artist ahead of your shoot, ensuring a tailored and personalized experience.

What brand of cosmetics does the makeup artist use?

As we engage with various artists, we do not have control over the specific makeup products they use. However, if you have a preference for certain makeup products, you are welcome to bring them along for the makeup artist to use during the session.

Make up Artist Portfolio