Join our partner program!


Referral partnerships are 10% per booked session!

Your potential earnings ​

30-minute portrait session 10% of 180 = € 18

1.5-hour portrait session 10% of 355 = € 35

3-hour portrait session 10% of 680 = € 68

5-hour portrait session 10% of 1255 = € 125

8-hour portrait session 10% of 2000 = € 200


* Should the client cancel, no referral fee is paid.

Additional BENEFITS

We like to work with agencies that we feel comfortable referring our clients to as well. Once you become a P3 partner, we will

  • Add your brand logo to our site.
  • Create cross-promotional campaigns.
  • Announce our new partnership on our social media sites.
  • And any other idea you may have that can help both our companies grow!
  • Add your company to our client-only Paris magazine as one of our recommended companies to work with.


Link exchange

We are open to working with companies that offer their Partner Programs and running cross-promotional campaigns as well as link exchanges or discount exchanges for your clients. Please email us directly to discuss these options. 


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